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Cremation Walls and Family Columbariums

Columbarium Walls offer a fitting final resting place within cemeteries or graveyards for the interment of cremated remains. They are structured into niches, each featuring a front panel where the name of the deceased or a memorial plaque can be displayed.

These structures provide local councils and parishes with a practical solution to address the limited capacity of graveyards and cemeteries, allowing them to accommodate additional remains in areas nearing full capacity.

Navan Memorials offer bespoke Columbariums, otherwise known as Cremation Walls for all cemeteries and graveyards. Call us now with your query and we will will arrange an appointment with you to discuss your requirements

Cremation Wall – Securing a restful place for family members and future generations

As space is fast running out in cemeteries and there is a large increase in cremations Navan Memorials have manufactured and installed the first family Columbarium in St. Mary’s cemetery, Navan, It is the first family Columbarium in Ireland. It can replace an existing headstone on a grave to accommodate future members of the same family’s ashes to be interred. Each niche accommodates two family urns. We can also make a Columbarium to suit each family’s requirements. For more information contact Navan Memorials on 046-9054493.


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